Precision Polish Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility

Precision Polish Corporate Headquarters and Manufacturing Facility, Herkimer County Industrial Park, Frankfort, NY:

NAAE provided full architectural and engineering services for Precision Polish’s 12,000 SF office and manufacturing building. The work included architectural, structural, mechanical, plumbing, electrical, and site design for the new building.  Interior spaces included executive offices, reception, conference room, break room, machine room, inspection room, manufacturing floor, and loading/unloading staging area.  Engineering for the building included a custom dust collection system designed to capture particulates from 42 pieces of equipment used for grinding, sanding, and polishing combustible and non-combustible metals.  The dust collection system was designed to capture 90% of particulates down to 20 microns. The site design included a storm water pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), site grading, and parking lot for 25 vehicles.  Engineering also included design of a water backflow prevention system.  Services included the preparation of materials for planning and zoning board project approval.

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