Meadowbrook Terrace Assisted Living Facility

Meadowbrook Terrace Assisted Living Facility, Carthage, NY:

NAAE provided full architectural and engineering design for a new 60 bed assisted living facility. The complex includes offices, reception, kitchen and dining, living rooms, retail shops, laundry, and support spaces, approximately 43,000 SF in size. Site work included subsurface and surface drainage systems, including water quality and quantity controls, surpassing DEC compliance.

Testimonial: “Throughout our various architectural projects involving Nelson Associates, we have always found their staff to be extremely capable, cooperative and trustworthy.  Projects always appear to be completed with budgetary scopes.  The staff works diligently with all stakeholders to ensure timely work and with limited charge orders.  On behalf of governance and leadership I strongly recommend this firm based upon the architectural abilities and trust to other organizations.  Realize it is not the company name or logo that is important; it is the staff’s ability to work collaboratively with others.  Their staff is excellent and extremely easy to serve as part of the team.  While working on these projects; they are involved and appear to be a part of the hospital internal staff.  They treat everyone with equal dignity and respect.”
Walter S. Becker, Carthage Area Hospital

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