NBT Corporate Operations Center

NBT Bancorp, Corporate Operations Office Building, Norwich, NY:

NAAE provided planning, architectural, and engineering services for the conversion of a former grocery store, approximately 22,500 SF, into the Corporate Operations Office Building. Work included space layout, asbestos abatement design, exterior and interior finishes, roofing upgrades, complete HVAC and plumbing upgrades, electrical redistribution for the new arrangement, and data upgrades.  The air handling unit was replaced, heat recovery was added, VAV controls were replaced, and make-up air was added to mirror exhaust rates. Ductwork and exhaust fans were replaced, and domestic hot and cold water piping throughout the building was replaced.  Interior spaces included manager offices, cubicle style spaces for service and support staff, restrooms, general ADA upgrades, and an environmentally controlled computer server room which serves the entire NBT/CNB/PenStar conglomerate.

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